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We build integrated digital solutions to establish effective communication between our clients and their stakeholders.


Grandcom was founded in 2014 and resides on two continents with branches in the US and South Africa.

Grandcom provides business-critical solutions that take advantage of clever product groupings and unique features to provide flexible and scalable technology resources to your business. The market trend of having multiple providers involved in your information technology and communication infrastructure leads to delayed resolutions, and disparate, compromised design.

Grandcom offers managed information technology, communication services, and outsourced staffing solutions that take advantage of our in-house technical and infrastructure resources.

We employ staff who love what they do, and as an extension of your business, they support your success through unrivalled technical knowledge and years of experience.

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In this document we describe how Grandcom can help you enable your operations with our fully managed product suite that ensures you increase your service levels to your stakeholders.


Messaging, Email, Vast Cast & Cell Sign


Voice, Dialler, Telephony management & Reporting

Service Excellence

We came up with a huge plan in mind, and as everyone knows, you don’t always get what you want, at Grandcom we got so much more than what we expected.

Thank you for always being there with a nr 99 request, and always accommodating us as a department in the best possible way.
Grandcom assists you with all the necessary tools and support that you can ever think of.

This really made our business go to the next level, its very user friendly and not even to mention all the support from the staff.

I would highly recommend anyone to use Grandcom for their business needs and if you have an idea, Grandcom will have the plan!

A Mobile Solutions Client

“GrandCom has delivered timeously on all development requests. They are willing to go the extra mile and put in the extra hours to ensure that we as clients meet our deadlines. When launching a tech platform, the ability to ensure that any issues are dealt with immediately gives us as owners tremendous faith in what we ultimately deliver to our clients and users. GrandCom provides a true outsourced service and they are an extension of our business.”


Mark R
A Mobile Solutions Client

“We have been dealing with Grandcom for a few years now and I can confidently say, the Grandcom team are professional, experienced and the best in the business, I would highly recommend them”


A Voice and Mobile Solutions Client

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“We would recommend Grandcom without hesitation”


A Voice Solutions Client

“Partnering with GrandCom was the best decision we have made for our communication management needs. Easy API integration and timeous support enabled a seamless rollout into our systems.”


Mark T
A Communications Client

“It’s nice to work with Grandcom…Nice to see systems implemented quickly.”


Barry M
A Voice Solutions Client