About Us

Grandcom was founded in 2014 and resides on two continents with branches in the US and South Africa.

Grandcom provides business critical solutions that take advantage of clever product groupings and unique features to provide flexible and scalable technology resources to your business. The market trend of having multiple providers involved in your information technology and communication infrastructure leads to delayed resolutions, and disparate, compromised design.

We build integrated digital solutions to establish effective communication between our clients and their stakeholders.

Grandcom offers managed information technology, communication services and outsourced staffing solutions that take advantage of our in-house technical and infrastructure resources.

We employ staff who love what they do, and as an extension of your business, they support your success through unrivalled technical knowledge and years of experience.

A message from our CEO

We at Grandcom recognize that the needs of our customers are constantly growing and evolving.

The post-covid world has created many opportunities for organisations around the world. Hybrid working arrangements have become mainstream and digital transformation is replacing traditional workflows. Companies must operate according to the premise that their customers may be working remotely and have limited access to solutions that may otherwise have been available in an office environment. Simple tasks such as printing, signing and scanning documents are not always possible, resulting in inefficient two-way communications.

Grandcom has been able to respond in various ways and we are proud to have assisted many businesses to adapt to new hybrid ways of working. Communication technologies are more important than ever, and the hybrid generation of employees and customers expect to be able to communicate where, when and how they want to. Being able to integrate these communications across platforms such as email, SMS, chat and VOIP will be critical for success.

Through our networking, connectivity and communication solutions, our clients have been able to allow their staff to enjoy hybrid working arrangements and further enable unified communications with their customers using our state of the art technologies to drive this digital transformation.

We look forward to working with you too!

Carel Martin

C. Martin

Carel Martin, CEO

Technology Ethos

We have designed our technology to be distributed across multiple platforms with load balancing as a key strategy. Intelligent monitoring systems perform real world testing, to keep track of performance and ensure uninterrupted system availability. For added peace of mind, our technicians are there to assist you 24/7.

Our Approach


After contact and a needs analysis has been completed we will design a suitable solution.


We will then provide a proposal tailored to your requirements. Solution pricing will depend on the type of the project, complexity of work, skill and experience of the resource.


Upon acceptance we will proceed to finalize relevant SLA’s and get your package started.

Setup &

The solution will be tested and signed-off for the agreed go live date.

We are

In this document we describe how Grandcom can help you enable your operations with our fully managed product suite that ensures you increase your service levels to your stakeholders.


Messaging, Email, Vast Cast & Cell Design


Voice, Dialler, Telephony management and Reporting