Action SMS

The Grandcom Message Link solution securely delivers documents such as statements, legal notices, policies, bills, images, and other confidential documents straight to your customer’s mobile phone. You can track if a recipient has received and opened a document and you can tailor your mobile link to the needs of your business, including but not limited to.

Our innovative message link solution designed to securely deliver documents directly to your device, ensuring efficient and confidential communication.

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Key Features

Integrated Payment Gateway:

Grandcom will integrate directly into your preferred third party payment provider.

Password Security:

All information exposed via the Grandcom Action SMS have the option to be password protected, securing sensitive information.

Paperless & Eco-Friendly:

Digital communication eliminates the need for paper, reducing the demand for paper production.

No App’s Required:

Our system operates exclusively through web-based browsers, eliminating the need for any dedicated applications. Users can access all functionalities directly from their internet browser, offering seamless compatibility across various devices.

Customised Reporting:

Unlock tailored insights with our SMS platform’s customized reporting. Dive deep into campaign performance, audience engagement, and ROI, ensuring every message resonates.


Instant Delivery: 

You can instantly reach your audience with important documents. Say goodbye to delayed communication and hello to real-time engagement.

Tracking User Actions:

All user interactions within the message content is tracked and available for reporting and audit purposes.

Save Money:

Unlike physical mail, which requires printing documents, envelopes, and postage fees, SMS eliminates these expenses entirely. This is particularly advantageous for businesses sending frequent updates, notifications, or marketing messages to large customer bases.

Easy Access for Customers: 

People preferring to interact on mobile phones for viewing content has been consistently high and continues to grow, driven by factors such as convenience, portability, and the widespread availability of smartphones.