CellSign is a digital signature tool that allows your customers
to sign important documents directly on their mobile phone.
With CellSign, you can effortlessly send your customers
documents to sign which is branded in your unique style.
CellSign also employs SSL-grade encryption to protect the
documents, thus keeping everything secure.

CellSign Features

Customized Reporting:
Tailored insights with our platform’s customized reporting. Delve deep into campaign performance, audience engagement, and ROI.

Multiple Delivery Methods:
Documents for signature can be sent to customers via Web Interface or integrated API directly to their mobile phones.

Multiple Return Methods:
Signed documents can be delivered back to the
client in real-time or batch formats.

Legally Binding:
All documents signed with CellSign are legally binding
and include a detailed audit trail.

No Apps Needed:
There is no need for the mobile user to download any complicated apps, it’s an effortless process.

CellSign Benefits

Increase Efficiency:
With CellSign, you’ll cut down time wasted by getting your clients to sign documents electronically.

Reusable Templates:
Save frequently used documents as reusable templates.

Automate Workflows: 
Automate your intensive document workflows and easily send a signature request in a few clicks.

Tracking and Notifications:
Track document status and receive notifications for when it was opened and signed.

Automated Reminders:
Automatically nudge slow signers, so no more chasing down signatures.