Virtual Private Network

VPN network

Securely connecting you to your office and to the world.

VPN Product Features​

  • Facilitation in getting your staff connected to your environment.
  • Access locally hosted services and applications.
  • If required completely hosted on the Azure cloud over two replicated regions.
  • Custom solutions possible.
  • Remotely configure your staff’s computers.

Wide Area Network

Superior monitoring and self healing. QOS ensures business service reliability.

WAN Product Features

  • Connecting your company around the globe.
  • Facilitate the sharing of resources.
  • Centralizes your IT infrastructure.
  • Sensitive data is shared without having to be sent over the Internet.
  • Provide uplinks for connecting LANs to the Internet.
  • Guaranteed monitored speeds.
  • Only the most reliable connectivity methods deployed.
  • Superior monitoring and self-healing.
  • Cisco Based technology.
  • Integrated QOS ensures your business services are always up.
  • Guaranteed up-times with SLA penalties.
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