Contact Centre

We offer comprehensive voice solutions covering everything from phone services to contact centre interfaces, ending with handoff to the destination provider. Our Grandcom voice gateways are linked to multiple interconnects in different physical locations, and we provide various voice interface options, including CISCO, 3CX, and Microsoft Teams.

Call Centre Header

Our agents will answer your calls with personalized messages and follow a predefined operational flow. We can provide a full outsourced traffic infringement support contact centre. We will work with you to set up a state-of-the-art inbound/outbound contact centre with all the technology required to effectively engage your customers.

Contact Centre Features

Dynamic Call Labelling:
You can create and manage your own internal call labels to streamline production within the call centre.

Preview – Click to Dial:
Agents have the ability to view customer information before starting the call.

Real-time Dashboards:
View agents’ live status, keep track of performance quotas, monitor the quantity of incoming calls, and check customer queue wait times in real time.

Campaign Management:
Create and schedule SMS messages, segment your audience based on various criteria, track campaign performance metrics such as delivery rates and click-through rates, and optimize campaigns in real time for better results.

Easy Agent Access:
Agents can access all information on a single screen, eliminating the need to switch between multiple platforms and saving time.

One Unified System:
Interact with all popular communication technologies from within one user interface element (Voice, SMS, Email).

Contact Centre Benefits

Complete Solution:
We provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution, starting from the phone and ending with handoff to the destination provider.

Full Management:
We offer a complete telephony management and reporting system.

Multiple Interconnects:
Our voice gateways are connected to multiple interconnects located in different physical locations and networks.

Cost Saving:
You can benefit from reduced VOIP call rates.

No-Charge Internal Calls:
Make calls between branches at no cost.

Secure System:
Our system offers a high level of security features, including encryption, secure SIP signalling, and built-in protection against hacking to ensure the confidentiality of your communications.