Digital Transformation

Grandcom offers comprehensive solutions to businesses embarking on their digital transformation journey by revolutionizing traditional communication channels. Through our integrated SMS Message link, MMS, Email, and WhatsApp communication gateways, Grandcom empowers businesses to embrace digital transformation ensuring efficient digital communication with their customers and ensuring they are ahead in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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How we Digitally Transform Your Communication Methods.

Instant delivery. Track delivery and Read Receipts.
Save money on printing and postage. 
Give customers easy access to relevant notices.
Integrated payment gateway, as well as Password security. 
Paperless and eco-friendly solutions. 
There is no need for the mobile user to download any complicated apps. 
Customised reporting. 
Allow customers to complete operational forms directly from their mobile phone. 
Customers can upload documents to supplement the form. 
Form terms and information entered are confirmed with customer digital signature. 
Digital form information entered is converted into approved document format. 
Signed documents returned via STFP, API or Contact Centre Portal.


The Grandcom Message Link solution securely delivers documents such as statements, legal notices, policies, bills, images, and other confidential documents straight to your customer’s mobile phone. You can track if a recipient has received and opened a document and you can tailor your mobile link to the needs of your business, including but not limited to.


WhatsApp can streamline interactions by enabling direct communication with clients or customers. Integration with customer service platforms allows for real-time support and issue resolution. Additionally, WhatsApp Business API integration facilitates automated messaging, appointment scheduling, and order tracking. By leveraging these features, the company can enhance efficiency, responsiveness, and overall customer satisfaction.


A digital signature tool that gives your customers the ability to sign documents in seconds from anywhere – directly on their mobile phone. CellSign is a digital signature tool that allows your customers to sign important documents directly on their mobile phone. With CellSign, you can effortlessly send your customers documents to sign which is branded in your unique style. CellSign also employs SSL-grade encryption to protect the documents, thus keeping everything secure.


A mobile tool that gives your customers the ability to upload documents in second from anywhere directly to your environment – instantly. Our SMS initiated document upload allows your customers to upload important documents directly from their mobile phone camera which we will send to you via email., STFP or integrated API. The document will be uniquely tagged so you can identify which customer is was received from.


The Grandcom digital form solution allows your customers to complete important documents, upload required documents and sign relevant terms in a single process. The goal of the Grandcom digital form mobile solution is to enhance your clients experience, reduce friction due to limited access to alternate communication technologies and provide a simple form completion process which does not require complicated apps. Signed documents can be delivered back to the client in real-time or batch formats.