Document Management

GrandCom revolutionizes the way businesses communicate and manage documents to stakeholders.

Document Management Product Features

  • Automate the workflow related to document communication & management in your business.
  • Move documents through the management lifecycle.
  • Software is designed to keep you prepared for audits or legal challenges.
  • Tight version control and an ongoing archive.
  • Quickly and easily view and generate reports on changes made, when and why.
  • Automate processes of revising, reviewing, approving or even simply searching and reading documents

Policy Storage: Store policies in one location so clients, employees, auditors and compliance officers can easily find policies.
Review & Approval: Automate the policy workflow, with notifications and reminders sent to people who need to review and approve policies.
Version Control: Ensure everyone works on the latest version of each policy. Track version history and prevent accidental loss of work.
Real-Time Dashboards: Get a quick overview of the statuses of your policies and procedures, from in-progress to published, with custom views.
Compliance Audit Trail: Keep a record of every person who touches a document for better auditing and regulatory compliance management.
Role-Based User Access: Ensure the people who need to see a policy only have access, whether they need permission to just view a policy or edit it.

Write, Share, Attest

Tight Version Control

Review & Approve

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