Our Email platform simplifies the process of sending emails to large subscriber lists, offering the tools and insights needed to run successful email campaigns. It can save time, enhance engagement, and boost the overall effectiveness of your bulk communication efforts. We maintain high email deliverability rates by using dedicated IP addresses and adhering to best practices.

We also provide a robust and user-friendly Email platform that empowers our customers to reach a multitude of recipients simultaneously. This platform streamlines the process of sending bulk emails, making it an ideal choice for marketing, customer engagement, and information dissemination. 

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Key Features

Contact Management
Easily create and manage contacts with our bulk email platform’s custom lists. Organize subscribers, personalize content, and boost engagement for effective email marketing campaigns.

Email Templates
Create stunning emails effortlessly with our bulk email platform’s customizable templates. Tailor messages, enhance branding, and streamline campaigns for impactful communication.

Boost engagement with personalized emails using our platform. Tailor content, subject lines, and sender details to each recipient for more relevant and effective communication.

Effortlessly plan and automate your email campaigns with our scheduling feature. Set specific dates and times for sending to maximize reach and engagement with your audience.

Ensure your emails reach the right inboxes with our deliverability tools. Monitor performance, manage sender reputation, and optimize content to enhance engagement and avoid spam filters.


Password Security:
SMTP protocol with authentication using provided username and password.

Supports public reachable IP addresses or DNS names and authentication (via username and password)

Multiple Sending Domains:
Multiple ‘from’ accounts, multiple sending domains and concurrent connections for sending of Emails.

Integration with Existing Technologies:
Configurable with DKIM and SPF records to send via applicable client domains.

Billing Made Easy:

Simplify billing with our multiple account feature, allowing consolidated billing for multiple users or departments. Streamline payments and manage expenses efficiently across your organization.

Customised Reporting:
Customised Reporting available in our platform, including scheduled reports or creating specific manual reports.