Employee Billing

Grandcom gives clients the ability to differentiate staff business calls from personal calls. Build in CSV reports can be run monthly in order to include deductions from staff salary. Itemised billing per staff member. Ensures staff are not able to abuse company resources.

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Key Features

Call Differentiation:
The product enables the differentiation of staff business calls from personal calls, providing accurate billing information for each type of usage.

Monthly CSV Reports:
Built-in functionality allows for the generation of monthly CSV reports, simplifying the process of including deductions from staff salaries and providing a comprehensive overview of communication expenses.

Itemized Billing:
Each staff member receives itemized billing, detailing their usage of company resources, including calls, messages, and data usage. This granular breakdown ensures transparency and accountability.

Usage Controls:
Employee Billing includes features to monitor and control staff usage of company resources, preventing abuse and ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently.

Integration Capabilities:
The product can seamlessly integrate with existing HR and payroll systems, facilitating the deduction process from staff salaries and ensuring accurate billing and payroll calculations. This integration enhances overall efficiency and reduces manual work for administrators.



Cost Savings:
By accurately differentiating between staff business calls and personal calls, companies can reduce unnecessary expenses associated with personal phone usage. This leads to significant cost savings over time.

Transparent Communication:
With itemized billing per staff member, there’s transparency in communication expenses. Both employers and employees can easily understand and track their usage, fostering accountability and trust within the organization.

Compliance Assurance:
The built-in CSV reports facilitate compliance with company policies and regulatory requirements by allowing for monthly deductions from staff salaries. This ensures that employees adhere to guidelines regarding the use of company resources, reducing the risk of legal and financial penalties.

Resource Optimization:
Employee Billing prevents the abuse of company resources, ensuring that communication channels are utilized efficiently for work-related purposes. This optimization enhances overall productivity and prevents unnecessary strain on company resources.

Streamlined Administration:
With features such as automated CSV reports and itemized billing, administrative tasks related to billing and deduction become streamlined and efficient. This frees up valuable time for HR and finance departments to focus on other critical tasks.