Increase Contact Ratio

To enhance the contact ratio, it’s crucial to implement strategies that prioritize seamless communication and engagement. Leveraging multiple channels such as email, phone calls, social media, and in-person meetings can broaden the reach and frequency of interactions with customers or clients. Personalizing communication to cater to individual preferences and needs can also foster stronger connections. Moreover, utilizing automated tools for follow-ups and reminders ensures consistency and timely responses. By continuously refining these approaches, businesses can effectively increase their contact ratio and strengthen relationships with their audience.

Increase Contact Ratio

How we Increase Your Contact Ratios.

Multiple communication methods through a single platform.
Single customer view analytics and reporting tools across communication methods.
99.9% Uptime on voice gateways.
1 to 1 support 24/7.


Distribution of bulk SMS to mobile phone devices through the Grandcom communications platform or integrated API. Replies can be delivered back to the client in real-time or batch formats and you can set conditions for replies or inbound messages. All messages submitted via Grandcom will have delivery reports returned which can be instantly generated.


Distribution of bulk MMS to mobile phone devices through the Grandcom communication platform or integrated API. Our MMS solution enables clients to send multi media messages, including videos & GIFs to mobile devices without the recipients having to click on links to see the media images. All messages submitted via Grandcom will have delivery reports returned which can be instantly generated.


The Grandcom Message Link solution securely delivers documents such as statements, legal notices, policies, bills, images, and other confidential documents straight to your customer’s mobile phone. You can track if a recipient has received and opened a document and you can tailor your mobile link to the needs of your business, including but not limited to.


Grandcom Robocall is a phone call that uses a computerized auto-dialler to deliver a pre-recorded message.

This solution enables clients to generate high volume communications where a basic message needs to be given to customers.


Complete end to end voice solutions, from phone, contact centre interface ending at handoff to the destination provider. Grandcom voice gateways are connected to multiple interconnects in different physical locations and we provide multiple voice interface options including CISCO, 3CX and Microsoft teams.


Our Email Solution simplifies the process of sending emails to large subscriber lists, offering the tools and insights needed to run successful email campaigns. It can save time, enhance engagement, and boost the overall effectiveness of your Email marketing efforts. We maintain high email deliverability rates by using dedicated IP addresses and adhering to best practices.