Distribution of bulk MMS to mobile phone devices through the Grandcom communication platform or integrated API. Grandcom’s MMS solution enables clients to send multi media messages, including videos and GIFs to mobile devices without the recipients having to click on links to websites to see the media images. All messages submitted via Grandcom will have delivery reports returned which can be instantly generated.

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Key Features

Send via our platform: 

Bulk MMS messages can be sent via the Grandcom communication platform or integrated API.

Design Your Messaging: 

Full design team to assist with MMS template creation

In-Depth Reporting: 

Outbound messaging exportable reports within a specified date range. Batch delivery reporting (broken down per batch, per day, per message type by status)

Report Delivery:

Reports can be emailed, transferred via SFTP or downloaded from the Grandcom communications platform.

MMS Benefits

Enhanced Communication:

MMS allows businesses to communicate using multimedia content, which can convey context and information more effectively than plain SMS.

Various Media Choices:

With MMS, you can send images, videos, audio clips, and slideshows.

Cohesive Messaging System:

MMS allows for a seamless integration of multimedia content into messaging, eliminating the need for separate apps or platforms to share media.

Personalised Messages:

Sending multimedia content through MMS allows for greater personalisation of messages making communication more meaningful and relevant to your customers.