Power Contact

A tool designed for call center companies to efficiently target cold leads. It works by sending an SMS to potential customers that includes a landing page with two key options: “Call Now” or “Schedule a Call.” This allows customers to choose the most convenient way to connect with the company, potentially increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Power Contact Features

Call Scheduling Options:
Customers can select a “Call Now” or “Schedule a Call” option through a landing page sent via SMS.

Reminder Notifications:
Automated reminders are sent to customers 15 minutes before their scheduled call.

Multiple Integration Methods:
The platform supports call schedules via STFP, API, or a contact center portal for seamless operations.

On-Demand Communication:
Customers can initiate free calls or live chats with the contact center directly, enhancing real-time support.

Analytics and Reporting:
Power Contact provides detailed analytics and reporting on customer interactions, helping call centers improve strategies and performance.

Power Contact Benefits

Enhanced Customer Engagement:
By allowing customers to choose how and when they engage, Power Contact increases the likelihood of successful interactions.

Cost Efficiency:
The platform saves money on unscheduled dialing, ensuring resources are used more efficiently.

Higher Contact Ratios:
With the ability to schedule calls and send reminders, the tool helps improve the contact rates of call centers.

Improved Customer Experience:
Customers appreciate the flexibility of scheduling calls at their convenience and having the option for free calls or live chats.

Streamlined Operations:
The integration with dialer systems via STFP, API, or a contact center portal simplifies and optimizes call center operations.