Voice Recording

Voice recording in call centres involves the automatic capturing and storage of audio interactions between agents and customers during phone calls. We make multiple site recordings, preformed on every call made. Stored in 4 redundant locations including Azure for final fail safe. Full packet capture can be included.

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Key Features

Performance Management: 

Enables supervisors to monitor and assess agent performance, ensuring consistency and adherence to quality standards, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Training and Development:

Serves as a valuable tool for training new agents and ongoing development by providing real-life examples for coaching and skill improvement.

Customer Interaction Reports:

Provides an accurate record of customer interactions, facilitating resolution of disputes or discrepancies by referring to the recorded conversation.

Compliance and Legal Protection:

Helps ensure compliance with industry regulations and internal policies by documenting interactions, reducing the risk of legal issues or regulatory fines.

Performance Analysis:

Allows for in-depth analysis of call data to identify trends, customer needs, and areas for operational improvement, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous optimization of call center processes.


Quality Assurance:

Voice recordings enable supervisors to review agent-customer interactions for quality assessment, ensuring adherence to company standards and identifying areas for improvement.

Training and Coaching:

Recorded calls serve as valuable training materials, allowing managers to provide targeted coaching and feedback to agents based on real-life scenarios.

Dispute Resolution:

Voice recordings serve as objective evidence in resolving disputes or discrepancies regarding customer interactions, providing clarity and accountability.

Compliance Monitoring:

Call centres can use voice recordings to ensure compliance with industry regulations and internal policies, such as adherence to scripting guidelines or handling sensitive customer information securely.

Analytics and Insights:

Analysing voice recordings can provide valuable insights into customer behaviour, preferences, and trends, helping optimize operations, improve customer experience, and inform strategic decision-making.