Voice Solutions

Hosted Voice Solution

Multimedia & voice communications over Internet Protocol (IP)

Hosted Voice Solutions Product Features

  • Complete end to end solutions, from the phone, ending at handoff to the destination provider.
  • Fibre/EEE with failover options to other technologies.
  • Telephony management and reporting system.
  • Fully integrated predictive dialler solution.
  • Voice gateways that are connected to multiple interconnects in different physical locations and different networks.
  • Various hardware rental packages.

Grandiose Dialler

Grandiose allows you to interact with all the popular communication technologies from within one UI element (Voice, MS, Email).

Grandiose Dialler Product Features​

  • Preview, click to dial and predictive functions which allow gives data at your fingertips
  • View historical call detail with tagged recording
  • Call routing based on various skills which can be dynamically assigned to your agents
  • Dynamic state change and call labelling
  • Grandiose to initiate and manage calling campaigns
  • Agent activity reporting based on call function, queries, and campaigns
  • Live Supervisor and Wallboard Displays in call and agent’s activity
  • Ability to create your own post call assessments.


RoboCall is a pre-recorded voice message that can be bulk broadcasted to an individual, or a multitude of cell phones or landlines

RoboCall Product Features

  • Voice message that can be bulk broadcasted to an individual, or a multitude of your clients
  • We add a personal touch by using personalised human voices for the pre-recorded messages, this ensures the recipient of the call to instantly feel more comfortable.
  • Calls are often preferred for the first contact and with older contacts.
  • One big convenience calls have over other communication methods is that your contacts can connect to you with a touch of a single button, allowing for real-time transfers to be done.
  • We will provide detailed results for each voice broadcast

SIP Trunk

Utilising our high capacity platform the SIP traffic is delivered ensuring exceptional audio quality, maintaining ultra-high availability and unmatched reliability.

SIP Trunk Product Features

  • The network is fully adaptable with the opportunity of virtually unlimited call capacity.
  • Progressive trunk configurations to support specific communication requirements of clients.
  • Replacing your PSTN System with VoIP SIP Trunks will be a more cost effective solution.
  • GrandCom offers full access to our comprehensive monitoring tools, and CDRs are generated on a per SIP trunk basis.
  • Highly qualified, customer-oriented network operations.
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